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About Us

At Carer Manager Plus our vision is to support the delivery of high-quality home care, allowing Australians to thrive happily and independently in their own homes. We achieve this by providing intuitive, human-centric software designed to streamline workflows and optimize the capabilities of home care providers specifically within the Australian landscape.

Our platform is designed to prioritise the delivery of home care services and support the dedicated professionals driving them forward. We firmly believe that when software aligns seamlessly with user needs, work becomes not only more efficient, but also more enjoyable. This facilitates swift staff support and minimises the risks associated with organisational change for leadership.

But the final result is most important: As cognitive loads decrease, organisations can focus more directly on improving care outcomes and finding the most effective ways to support Australian’s who wish to receive care at home.

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Our Journey

For nearly two decades, the team at Carer Manager Plus has been designing and delivering home care management software to the Australian market. Our journey began with the development of the original platform, The Carer System, designed to transition clients from paper to digital while offering the mainstay features required by home care providers in Australia at that time.

The decision to evolve and commercialize our product into the second-generation software, Carer Manager Plus, stemmed from a critical observation: despite a bustling market, there was still a significant gap. Research reveals that nearly 60% of software buyers express regret over purchases made in the past 12 to 18 months, many citing higher-than-expected costs of ownership, slow implementations, and inflexibility for future needs.

Filling the Gap

For Carer Manager Plus, addressing the gap meant designing a product that could overcome these challenges and also considered external impactors on home care providers. The ongoing nature of government reforms particularly in Aged Care and NDIS, and the increasing demands to meet clinical governance standards and complex compliance obligations needed to be considered in the design foundation of our platform.

Armed with experience and feedback from clients we condensed everything to its core and built the software on three guiding principles: functionality, flexibility, and affordability. The outcome is a care management software that people actually WANT to work on. One that integrates easily across multiple platforms to get rid of the clunkiness that often prevails in disjointed systems. And one that harnesses the power of AI and leading-edge technology but remains accessible to all home care providers regardless of their size and scope of work.

We didn’t stop here. We also know that in a busy market great service always stands out. Our philosophy remains true to its humble beginnings in 2007. We view our clients as partners and see ourselves as collaborators in a collective journey to deliver great home care in Australia.