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Carer Manager Plus delivers a top-tier care management solution that enables Australian home care providers to meet compliance obligations and maximise their organisational capabilities.

Intuitive Design

Introducing new software can be daunting, even in the most receptive environments. Change can lead to staff frustrations and low user adoption if the system lacks intuition. That's why Carer Manager Plus is designed to look, act and feel like a system people WANT to work on. When workflows make sense to first-time users, it enables quick staff support and minimizes change-related risks for leadership.

Seamless Onboarding

Cut sign-up time in half with a streamlined, step-by-step onboarding process. Carer Manager Plus ensures all relevant information is uploaded during the assessment process and updated in real time to ensure efficiency and decrease the risk of error. Our checklist function guides users through each essential step, eliminating the risk of overlooking critical details

Intelligent Rostering

Effectively deploying an organization's workforce hinges on its capacity to schedule care workers with clients efficiently. Carer Logistics harnesses AI to streamline care worker scheduling and reduce time associated with calendar conflicts and vacancies. By automating the matching process based on factors like mileage, travel time, and client preferences, it allows providers to spend more time on delivering great care and improving business outcomes.

Reporting and Compliance

Navigating compliance in today's home care sector is challenging. In response, software should empower care teams to capture and monitor essential data while ensuring compliance with new standards and enhancing transparency, accountability, and recipient-focused care. Carer Manager Plus minimises the risk of non-compliance by streamlining processes, simplifying reporting and providing adaptable modules that anticipate emerging standards, keeping you one step ahead.

Carer & Client Portal

Our Client Portal provides clients and families with access to critical information and a direct link for corresponding with care staff. This allows clients to stay on top of their care plan, track funding and provide feedback. Our Carer Portal allows support workers to access shift details, check notifications, case notes, and task lists, enabling them to deliver exceptional care with confidence. Both Portals boast an intuitively designed interface, ensuring seamless access across various devices.

Payroll and Awards

Ensuring compliance with Fair Work Australia's industry awards is essential for home care providers. The integration of Carer Manager Plus with Employment Hero streamlines processes, enabling real-time checks for awards compliance and automatic adjustments. This synergy ensures accurate payments and uncompromising payroll compliance, benefiting both care providers and their workforce.

Help Your Team Do Their Best Work

A feature-rich home care management system

Our desktop interface and mobile app deliver real-time support for carers and office staff, while also providing clients and families with access to information.

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